Consulting Services

Our consulting services span across high level strategy development, executive bootcamps, data exploration and development of custom machine learning models.

We can start with an open canvas and work with your leadership team to find the opportunities with the greatest impact. We then work with you to scope out and deploy a proof of concept or production ready solutions.

Basic data exploration

Insights are often sitting in large datasets waiting to be discovered. We can explore your data and mine it for insights and trends.

Unsupervised learning is a branch of machine learning that draws insights by exploring data and searching for patterns. You can learn a great deal about your customers and behavior by conducting an open ended analysis of your datasets and finding out how they cluster naturally into segments and what buying patterns are emerging. Let your data speak to you.

Custom Modeling

We can custom develop the same type of sophisticated machine learning models used by large Silicon Valley tech companies.

  • Direct Response Models, What is the likelihood that a customer will respond to a specific marketing tactic or offer?
  • Attrition Models, What is the probability of a given customer being lost to attrition?
  • Fraud Models, Is a certain transaction or website visitor likely to be fraudulent?
  • Recommendation Models, What product / service should I put in front of this customer based on their past behavior?

Big Data Strategy

Unsure about how the big data trend impacts you? We can build your strategic plan.

If you are starting from scratch with your big data strategy, we will conduct a diagnostic of your current gaps and opportunities and lay out a strategic plan built on a foundation of the latest tools and technologies in data science.

Executive Bootcamp

We offer a comprehensive full day training for non-technical business leaders which teaches the fundamentals of data science.

Learn the details behind the buzzwords and understand what is materially important to your business versus what is just industry noise. Our training is catered to non-technical business leaders but does not shy away from getting into technical details in an approachable, impactful way. Our curriculum covers:

  • Key Trends in Big Data
  • Big Data Frameworks
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
  • Statistics and Experimental Design
  • Implications for Business Operations and Strategy
Consulting Services
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